It’s essential to regularly complete routine maintenance and checks on your car to prevent expensive repairs or breakdowns. Do do this, there are signs to watch out for. The following are common car problems that should be checked and fixed immediately.

Poor Fuel Economy

Fuel parts such as the air filters, fuel filters, and the airflow sensors get dirty, and if not checked regularly, they lead to higher fuel consumption. An efficiently running engine will burn fuel at a rate that helps save on fuel consumption.

Warning Lights

Warning lights are the most common signs that your car has a problem. These lights will show if the vehicle sensor detects an error which needs some attention. Because there are more than 100 possible warning signs like the news sections on various magazines it’s essential to involve a mechanic who will inspect the car to determine and fix the problem.

Brake Grinding or Squeaking

The brake system, just like any other car part, wears out over time or after a certain distance. If the brakes display issues such as squeaking or soft brake pedals then its time to call your mechanic for replacement or repair.

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