300ZX.com - (USA)300ZX forum, heaps of info on this site.
300zx.co.uk - (UK)300ZX forum.
300zx.com.au - (Aus)300ZX performace site
aus300zx.com - (AUS) 300ZX forum.
oz300zx.com - (AUS) 300ZX enthusiasts forum.

Twinturbo.net - (USA)The original Z32 forum, also has a lot of technical information.
Z32.com - (USA) Has one of the biggest collections of pictures of people's Z's on the internet.

ClubZ.org - (USA) A San Francisco/San Jose area Z club (USA).
ECZA - (USA)The East Coast Z32 Association .
Twin-Turbo Z's of Dallas
www.chimera.co.nz/300zx (NZ).
Nissan Z Club of Thailand
300zx-twinturbo.com The Dutch Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo Site, big collection of body kits and "oops" photos
www.300zx.fr From France, jazzy Z site with lots of goodies and pictures

Z Related
Datsun Z Club - New Zealand Datsun Z Car Club, our sister Club for Z Cars.
Internet Z Car Club - Home of the Datsun/Nissan Z Cars.
Z-Car Workshop
- Specialising in Z's, based in Brisbane, Australia
Z Club Hungary - Leading edge Z Club Website- Hungary

Nissan Related
Skylines Down Under Nissan Skyline Club
New Zealand Nissan Silvia Club

Nissan Primera Club

Blazt ECU interface - Connect to your engine management computer
www.robietherobot.com/storm/fuelinjectorguide.htm - Fuel Injection Guide
www.rceng.com/technical.htm - Selecting the proper injector

www.cockramnissan.co.nz - On line shop: discount Nissan Parts by quoting "300zx Club web site"

New Zealand Car Clubs
FD3S RX7 Club - New Zealand FD RX7 Club
G/GON - The New Zealand GTR/GTiR Owners Network.
MR2 Owners Club of New Zealand
New Zealand Toyota Supra MKIV Group
The New Zealand GTO Club

www.nzauto.co.nz - The one stop shop on line for kiwis who love cars
Motorsport New Zealand
Motorsport New Zealand Calendar

Cars.byweb.co.nz - NZ car club links
donsautopages.co.nz - Car Club links, motorsport, automotive information