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Original New Zealand 300ZX Brochure Nissan 1991
Z - The Mark of Zorro - New Zealand Classic Car, February 2000
Nothing Can Replace The 300ZX - NZ Herald, 27 November 1996
Nissan 300ZX - New Zealand Car, October 1989
Nissan 300ZX Sandwich - Australian Newspaper 2003
Nissan 350Z Roadster - The Aucklander Shore edition 25 Sept 2003

300ZX Compilation- upbeat compilation by J Snow. Right click and download 30megabytes

Members Articles
Eagle Technologies & Economech Services Drag Day
- Rowan Hick 2001
Rowan's Trip To Houston - Rowan Hick 2001
Stillen - A visit to the candy store - Paul Clemens, December 6th 1995
A 1990 NZ New 300zx - Howard Tiddy August 2007

Stage Charts Stillen and SGP Racing definitions
Spark Plugs
Explanation of PFR6B-11

Nitrous Injection FAQ PDF File
Zex Nitrous Injection Product Brochure, PDF file (2.13 Megabytes, right mouse click and select download)
Gear Ratios Tyre diameter and Speed Calculator (theoretical)  .xls File- Pete Thomas 2001

Dyno Charts
Dyno Charts
Power and Torque at the rear wheels for various conditions

How To's
Front suspension Upper arm bush replacement- A Do It Yourself by Steve Chong 16 May 2005
Aluminium Rings Installation-Speedometer Cluster - A Do It Yourself by Adam Pell 2004
Engine Swap- A Do It Yourself by Adam Pell 2004
On Line Service Manual
300ZX Dash Removal
- Chris Calvert 2002
Brake booster restrainer- Chris Calvert 2002
How to Bend Valves in a Nissan VG30 Engine
- Steve Chong 2002
Electronic Fuel Injection Diagnosis for the 300ZX- Steve Chong 1997
Exporting a car to Australia Ozzy Rules
Hows-tos on twin turbo Z's of Dallas, USA
Buying and Selling a Car in NZ- Advice from Land Transport New Zealand 2005

Z race cars
Dave Glasson at Ruapuna 1998 - Evening Post, Wellington
Coastline Race Car Tauranga - Mike Coory
Dave Glasson's Race Car - Mike Coory
Modifying your Z - Sport Compact Car, February 1998 -> March 1999

Link Computer
Link and the Z-
Mike Coory
Link Computer Comments-Tom Bell and Rowan Hick

Sources of Parts for 300ZX 1989 upwards- Chris Calvert 2001

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