INTRO: FAQ's for the 300ZX by Chris Calvert 29 October 2001..revised 2005

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This FAQ will contain significant explanation of each of its points. There was a temptation to write pages about each item but I have tried to keep it reasonably short although it is already 4 times longer than I intended.

It will be current at the time of its creation or update. The last update of the FAQ by me will show the date above. All content is believed correct but like everything is probably open to interpretation. One of its purposes is to help the newcomer (and to save him asking the same simple questions from those members who went through this years ago).

The contents are specifically aimed at 300zx's within New Zealand although some of the content is relevant elsewhere. This initial version was created by myself, Chris Calvert. Significant input was provided by Hank Roelink and Tom Bell. Feel free to modify or add and the only two things that I would like to see is the modification date to be changed above and for me to be notified. No point in having a FAQ 5 years out of date. In fact it is only right that every person who reads this and knows something relevant adds to this document or at least emails me via the clubs webmaster. I am seriously interested in any factual errors (because I checked very few of the facts it was mostly done from memory).

Any prices given in US or NZ dollars, (which will be stated) does not include freight. Much comment below is US sourced since they seem to be the most vocal and prepared to share information (or is it that we don't understand Japanese and the
US was the second largest market ?).

I have deliberately left most web site references out (at least for now) of the various points to make you surf the list at the end. This way you will become much more familiar with the sites by being obliged to visit them all. Any reference to RHS or LHS is from the perspective of sitting in the drivers seat looking forward.