1/03/08 Added Taupo 08 event
7/04/05 NZ 300ZX Club site features on www.zclubhungary.hu -enter then click english flag, then news menu
10/03/05 Upadated all pages, added more rides, past events.
14/06/03 Upadated all pages, added references to forum on appropriate pages
28/05/03 Upadated all pages, separated out Datsun Z club pages from 300zx pages
21/08/02 Revised all pages, added Warkworth 300zx drive- Steve Chong
11/02/02 Craig Waton's ride added to NZ300ZX
16/01/02 Arthur Coles' ride added to NZ300ZX.
14/11/01 Chris Calvert's 300ZX FAQ added to NZ300ZX technical section.
11/10/01 A few new rides added to NZ300ZX.
18/09/01 Updated Parts Sources page under NZ300ZX/Technical.
07/08/01 Lots of new rides have been added to NZ300ZX in the last few weeks, check it out!
22/05/01 Les Ferguson's ride added to NZ300ZX.
21/05/01 Scans of the original New Zealand 300ZX brochure added to both NZ300ZX and DatsunZ's Magazine Article's sections (for lack of better place to put it).
17/05/01 DatsunZ Gallery updated, Andrew Leach's 260Z added.
16/05/01 NZ300ZX Rides section updated, Tony Callender's 300ZX and Mad Mike's other 300ZX added.
09/05/01 Rides section has been given approval - added Mad Mike's, Jeremy Guy's, Nick Wilson's, James McGlinn's and Gareth Hull's ride pages.
08/05/01 Uploaded the NZ300ZX prototype Rides section.
14/03/01 New article added to NZ300ZX Technical - "Sources of Parts for 300ZX 1989 upwards". Added a few new links to the Links section.
13/03/01 Well, now that summer looks like its coming to an end it might be time to finally getting back to work. Just a bit of a cleanup today, fixed the Register for NZ300ZX and created new instructions on how to join the mailing list now that it has been changed over to Yahoo!.
11/10/00 Member article - "A Visit To The Candy Store" added to DatsunZ, Magazine article "Nothing Can Replace the 300ZX" added to both Datsun Z and NZ300ZX.
09/10/00 New Past Event added to DatsunZ - "AGM 2000".
05/10/00 New article added to "Technical" for NZ300ZX & DatsunZ- "How to bend valves".

2 articles added to "Past Events". Nationals write-up republished for NZ300ZX, Clevedon Breakfast article published to DatsunZ & NZ300ZX.


New site is launched! Better late than never, it's been two months and still not complete. Most of the old content has been transferred, with a few new bits and pieces. While most of the static parts of the site are complete, the interactive/techie stuff isn't quite there... if there are any problems, ie fonts being displayed wrong, pages not formatted right, or even a spelling error, PLEASE let us know. We want this site to be used and seen by everyone so if theres a problem, I will do my best to correct it.

I'd like to thank everyone in the club for their patience, 2 months is a LONG time to not have a home!

23/07/2000 Site development begins.
20/07/2000 Official announcement is made! Rowan, due to his increasing pressures and commitments from work (and his social life!) passes the website onto Nick Wilson